About RTGtwins Furniture

About RTGtwins Furniture 2018-02-16T10:24:51+00:00

RTG-twins manufacture the best quality and most innovative designs in modern furniture at the best possible prices.

We have a wide choice of styles and prices, our product range is an eclectic mix from the ever popular modern classic masterpieces to the latest cutting edge designs that are destined to be tomorrow’s classics. Our specialists make furniture with passion for high standards of meticulous craftsmanship, that is unique to RTG furniture.

On the home page you will find only samples of stylish modern collection ranges from leather, solid wood and contemporary to classic of a wide range of finish options.

RTG offers a broad selection of time – tested designs that appeal to every market segment. Each of our products is designed with graceful curves, eye –pleasing proportions and beautiful finishes to ensure that the lines convey lasting and affordable elegance.

Our custom – made furniture programme we call the “RTG – twins Makeover” enables you, the ability to design the look you want by altering the finishing or hardware.

The only limitation is your imagination, come let’s build a relationship.